We pursue excellence in all that we do, in order to enhance the long-term interests of our stakeholders in a socially responsible manner.


We strive:

  • To be the most competitive and viable business entity in WA, delivering projects and components for sectors such as mining heavy industry, agriculture, infrastructure and oil and gas. To do this, we draw on our decades of expertise in metal fabrication (structural/plate), pipe fabrication, mechanical integration and surface treatment activities.
  • To efficiently and effectively manage all our resources.
  • To achieve sustainable growth.
  • To enhance the interests of our stakeholders, thereby contributing to the pursuit of our Vision.


One of our key values for building healthy, long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and colleagues is respect.

Customer focus:
Our aim is to always exceed client expectations through our reliable and highly skilled workforce, who pride themselves on their diligence and care. We consistently strive to improve our performance, searching for innovative solutions that will lead to increased efficiency.

Quality health and safety:
We prioritise QHS measures from the contract stage right through to the handover of each project.

We focus on our contribution to the Australian heavy industry, by combining solid ethics, innovation and technology with the highest quality and safety standards.