Steel Dale Industries offers Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Structural, Mechanical and Piping Projects to Australian and international clients.

We are committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction by providing high-quality services in an effective and timely manner.

Steel Dale Industries Pty Ltd is committed to preserving and enhancing our reputation for delivering an efficient and professional service to our clients and operating our business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards and requirements set by our stakeholders. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous improvement of our operations and the services provided by our company.

We will provide the highest quality workmanship possible in a safe, cost and time-effective manner through the integrity of our staff and our solid work ethic commitment to providing quality products and services to our clients.


To Implement our Quality policy:

We work closely and proactively with all stakeholders to meet client expectations through enhanced quality and productivity parameters. We also strive for the highest possible standards of innovation and leadership.

We set measurable objectives and targets to continually improve the quality of service that we offer.

We have developed an organisational culture that emphasises effective communication across the business units, and between employees.
We adhere to contractual obligations, legal and regulatory requirements relevant to each project.

We are continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System by maximising employees’ commitment towards quality – developing the philosophy of – an “ownership of quality” within individuals.


  • Identify the changing needs and expectations of our clients
  • Provide high-quality management of our operations through the adoption of industry best practices and processes
  • Ensure all contractual requirements are met
  • Continually review and improve our processes to best suit our client needs and requirements
  • Provide services that meet or exceed relevant statutory legislation, industry guidelines, appropriate Australian and International Standards, and applicable contracts.

We, as a company will:

  • Train all workers and contractors to identify areas where improvement can be achieved
  • Maintain effective communication with our Stakeholders as part of meeting compliance and client needs
  • Continually improving our services by setting measurable goals, providing/supporting ongoing training, and constantly monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the Management System
  • Maintain a committed Quality Management System compliant with ISO9001:2015.

Workers are expected to:

  • Assist and co-operate in ensuring that this policy is followed
  • Actively participate in the adherence of this company to the achievement of the quality objectives. All personnel are trained, verified as competent, and are aware of their responsibilities within each documented process
  • Build strong working relationships with all our stakeholders to encourage a working environment that supports teamwork and encourages continual improvement to the services they provide.


The HSE policy ensures the Health and Safety of all employees, contractors, client personnel, visitors, and the public during any work performed by Steel Dale Industries.

Occupational Health and Safety is our highest priority, and we strive to maintain Occupational Health and Safety processes equalling or exceeding the industry’s best practices.

The Health, Safety and Welfare of all people involved in our business are of primary concern. This concern is reflected in the way we plan our work activities, equip our people, and perform and control our work processes.
Our objective is to eliminate hazards, reduce risks, provide a healthy and safe work environment and build health and safety aspects into the business to ensure that people can work productively and live comfortably, and others can visit without risk of injury or illness.



  • Regularly provide employees with information about hazards and hazard control
  • Comply with all relevant health & safety laws and regulations, ISO 45001:2018, and regularly review and update when necessary
  • Involve and consult employees and clients in identifying workplace safety improvements and interventions.


All management, employees, contractors, consultants are informed, trained, and encouraged to communicate and be involved in health and safety matters, to comply with our Integrated Management System, and be responsible to:

  • Identify and reduce the risk of work-related injuries and illnesses through pro-activity monitoring work practices and implementing mandatory training for all staff
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets with the aim of continual improvement &injury/illness prevention
  • Induct all employees to required safe work practices and expected business practices before commencing work
  • Conduct a regular compliance audit program to ensure adherence to Company and regulatory requirements
  • Conduct regular management reviews of the effectiveness of the Safety Management System including the Work, Health, and Safety Policy

Steel Dale Industries Pty Ltd will provide the necessary resources aimed at continually improving safety performance and minimising incidents of injury.


It is our policy to address environmental issues and comply with all environmental legislation and regulations that relate to the environmental aspects of our business. We employ socially acceptable and cost-effective strategies to mitigate threats to the Environment and provide protection to clients, the general public, and the company’s employees.
We take an active interest in the prevention of pollution through the adoption of processes, practices, materials, and products that avoid, reduce, or control pollution.

Our Quality Management System supports the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality ISO14001 Environmental and 45001 Safety standards.



  • Complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulations & ISO 14001:2015
  • Disposing of all industrial waste in a responsible manner
  • Continuously improving environmental Management System via consultative forums and audit processes
  • Establishing measurable objectives to ensure continued improvement systems aimed at the elimination of waste, pollution, and environmental harm and reviewing performance against objectives at least annually
  • Providing all employees with appropriate information/training in safe materials and the application of materials in all areas
  • Involving and consulting employees, Government authorities and regulatory bodies, and clients to identify improved environmental practices.


Our implementation of the Management System Standard ISO 14001, whereby our Management System ensures that we set objectives and targets and review environmental objectives and targets. In pursuit of these aims and objectives, we undertake to comply with relevant applicable legal requirements which relate to our organisations’ environmental aspects.
All our employees, contractors, and consultants are well informed concerning the practical application of our Environmental Policy, which is openly available to the public.