About Us


Our projects/products are delivered majorly for WA, whilst  we  recently started delivering projects for Eastern states and for overseas  too.

We undertake a range of EPC/SMP projects and manufacture of custom products specially for Mining, Agricultural and Infrastructure applications. SDI owns facilities for heavy metal processing , welding , machining  &  in-door blasting & painting,  facility that can cater a wide range of new construct  projects and off-site maintenance.  The workshops can handle a full complement of tasks backed with comprehensive OHS and QA systems,

 All our workshops have ancillary services such as oxygen; acetylene, compressed air etc. and powerful illumination systems to ensure to carryout production/maintenance work day and night.

  With over 50 years’ experience plus a wealth of expertise in heavy engineering applications across the industrial sectors being served  we provide high quality services in a professional and competitive manner . We have well demonstrated our capabilities by exceeding our clients’  expectations  thru  a reliable and highly skilled  workforce attention to detail in delivering the projects in the way that were  contracted to us along with diligence and care  . In fact the secret of our long term client retention is the quick turnaround at no compromise on quality, time and costs. 


SDI has a comprehensive system in place which is fully capable of delivering to meet the requirements of our accredited clients with ISO 9001 QMS and OHS 4801 standards.


Steel Dale is a Family Owned Business with over 50 years operated from the current location, ever since. Our initial focus was mainly on structural steel fabrication. Eventually the business was expanded into manufacturing various modules, structures, components, mobile equipment, moulds etc.  We are keeping a great focus on WA heavy industrial projects, whilst proudly extended our services to Eastern states and overseas along the time line.


We are committed to deliver projects, custom products & services as per contractual requirements/specifications thru a highly experienced workforce with attention to detail.

We are focused and be aware of our contribution to the Australian heavy industry   thru right ethics, innovation and technology with  highest  quality & safety standards.


· Structural Fabrication

· Precast Concrete Moulding

· Plate Rolling

· Mining Fabrication

· Lintels & Beams

· Columns & Trusses

· Conveyors

· Waste Furnace Incinerators

· Haul Pack stands

· Tank Work

· Hoppers

· Chutes

· Trestles

· Storage Racking

· Pipe work

· Excavator Jib & Components

· Communication Towers

· Waste Hopper Bins,  etc..

Our Capable & well equipped modern workshop includes facilities for the following…..

· 2180 Sq M Factory Space

· Overhead Cranes

· Personal Workspace Cranes

· Guillotining from 0.6mm to 12mm Plate

· Bending

· Plate Rolling

· Plate Bending

· Mig Welding

· Tig Welding

· Stick Welding

· Hole Punch

· Drilling

· Sandblasting & Painting Facilities for Inhouse Fabrication